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Church of Saint Panteleimon Kouzkountzoukiou

The main entrance into the complex of buildings around the Church of Saint Panteleimon is through the base of the bell tower, "the work of Mihailliou defrayed by the community of Kouzkountzoukiou, 1911". The visitor must pass under the bell tower to find himself in one of the loveliest gardens one can imagine. With flowers all around him, a plashing fountain in the middle of the paved courtyard, and benches where he can sit down to rest in the shade of leafy trees, he will be treated by church wardens or the caretaker to coffee and bread-rings and a spoonful of jam.
In the garden at the east end of the church is a tomb, and in the south-eastern corner a marble fountain. Round about are the buildings accommodating the offices and refreshment room and the caretaker's house.
Relief carvings are inset in the walls of the church, one of Christ on the Cross and two of crosses. To the left of the entrance is an inset inscribed tablet. It records that the church "which an all-consuming fire reduced to ashes in 1872" was rebuilt.
A large triple-aisled basilica, Saint Panteleimon's is perhaps one of the most lovely churches both as regards its interior and, as a building, of its exterior.
There is an icon of Saint Panteleimon on the very fine woodcarved templon and a double-headed eagle on the royal doors leading into the sanctuary. Dedicated by "the most virtuous of the guilds of furriers", the icon of Prophet Elias, patron of furriers, is dated 1798.
The Aghiasma is in a chapel at the rear of the church, behind the holy altar. In the interior, above the entrance to the chapel are inscribed the names of the benefactors Nikolaos and Eleni Zarifis.

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