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Church of the Great Archangels, Sosthenion

At Steni, ancient Sosthenion writes Marianna Koromila: «The Argonauts built a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus Sosthenios or to a benevolent winged demon that had helped them overcome the hostile indigenous people. In the 5th or 6th century the famous monastery of Saint Michael in Sosthenion was built over the ancient sanctuary. The Archangel and Commander of the angelic hosts replaced worship of the ancient winged and benevolent power, while, following the pilgrimage made to the church by Emperor Anastasius in 515, the reputation of the wonder-worker Michael spread to all parts of the empire.» A safe harbour and the seal of the Anonymous Ottoman Society that managed the wharfs and warehouses of the Upper Bosphorus, Steni had been converted for a time into a shipbuilding and ship repair yard. No such activity persists nowadays. Istinye is simply a peaceful suburb.

The Church of the Great Archangels, built in 1820, continues in our day the traditions of a glorious past. But the iron belfry and timber narthex are in need of conservation.

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