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Church of Saint Charalampos, Bebek

Bebeki. Lofty tree-tops reach into the heavens, flowering hortensias, abundant fresh water and, below, the sea: a riot of vegetation which suggests that any seed falling on the blessed plot must take root. The prominent cosmopolitan suburb was developed in the early years of the twentieth century and still retains something of its former character. A few of the salons in its timber-built mansions once boasted even two pianos and were the scene of evening balls and musical soirees.

The earliest reference to the Church of Saint Charalampos occurs in 1796 in a letter in which it is mentioned that the monks of the Athonite monastery of lviron, having repaired the pre-existing church from its very foundations, built «at their own expense» a church consecrated to Saint Charalampos on a dependency they already possessed in the district.

Today the church, overlooked by apartment houses, is well maintained. The building dates to 1830. Opposite the church is one of the three aghiasmata functioning in Bebeki.

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