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The Great Archangels, Mega Revma - Arnaoutkioy

The waters of the Black Sea flow rapidly into the Bosphorus to set up the Mega Revma, the Great Current or the Diavolorema, the Devil's Current. The suburb previously known as Arnaoutkioy or Arvanitohori (Albanian village) owes its later name to this phenomenon.

According to Millas, the beautiful well-preserved church was last rebuilt between 1896 and 1899, following the disastrous earthquake of 1894. Earlier renovations were carried out in 1677 by «kyr Manuel of Kastoria» and after the destructive fires of 1796 and 1799.

According to Gedeon, the school of Mega Revma was the oldest of the schools of the Bosphorus and there is evidence that it already existed in 1750.

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