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Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Diplokioniou - Beşiktaş

Wherever you be in Constantinople you are aware of the sea holding everything in its embrace: the Sea of Marmara, the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus in its serpentine course, bays and inlets and small headlands; and huge trees, lofty trees, features of Thracian territory, and shrubs and hydrangeas everywhere - and surrounding them all is water.
Sailing up the Bosphorus one passes Dolmabahçe Palace before reaching Byzantine Diplokionion at Beşiktaş.
The Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God at Besiktas was rebuilt in the late 17"' century, but in May 1730 it was renovated "at public expense" by the Christian community of Diplokionion "through the mediation of a notable, a doctor of great repute, Kyr Thomas of Testambouza from Kydonia in Crete ". These and other details are recorded in a wall inscription above the left door of the narthex "in perpetual memory of all". The church was rebuilt for the third time in 1833.
As in nearly all the parishes, there were educational establishments and schools here, too. In 1906, for instance, a seven-form City School for Boys and a seven-form Girls School were active at Besiktas.
The church is now surrounded by a market-place, but within enclosure walls. The courtyard is pebbled and the church is fairly well maintained.

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