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Saint Paraskevi Pikridiou

The work of rebuilding the Church of Saint Paraskevi at Hasköy, a church of Byzantine origin according to Skarlatos Byzantios, was begun in 1724 at the expense of Konstantinos Vrangovanos, hospodar of Hungaro-Wallachia, and of other wealthy Phanariots. It was completed in 1752 during the patriarchate of Cyril V.

The inscription recording the event is on the wall of the gynæcium and reads:

This church was made resplendent at the expense of
Konstantinos Semantor of Hungaro-Wallachia Brankovanos
out of reverence for God Champion and Martyr Saint Paraskevi
In the year 1692.

The Aghiasma is on a hill lying among Greek, Turkish and Jewish cemeteries. Gedeon insists it is part of an ancient aqueduct. It is built of stone, and to reach it one has to cross a vaulted cave twenty-five metres deep.

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